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Stephanie A.

  • San Francisco, CA



Love this place! The vegan chili bowl with jo jo potatoes is amazing and we really enjoyed the cheesecake with infused topping. We did the curbside pickup, which was prompt and friendly. I'll definitely be making several return trips.

Lei M.

  • Ewa Beach, HI



I ordered their California Buddha bowl it was amazing. I am not one to eat vegan food but this tasted so good I could not resist. The infused hoisin sauce gave it a really mouthwatering and flavorful taste. YOU have to go!!! It's the cutest little spot with amazing 100% plant-based vegan everything (if that makes any sense). Interior was very cozy and our transaction was very smooth. The owner made us feel welcomed and gave us an amazing experience. This was definitely worth the 2 hour drive and my 3 year old did not complain about spending 3 hours in here.

ps. Yes they also have eco-friendly                   utensils

Mary T.

  • Sacramento, CA



We were so happy to find this place because it's vegan. They could add more to their menu but what they have on it taste amazing. The spicy curry bowl is excellent. So tasty. And the vegan cheesecake with infused strawberry syrup is delicious.

Larry G.

  • Sacramento, CA



I'm glad they added delivery during COVID-19, especially for a vegan meals. The infusion was perfect and the spicy chili bowl was amazing.

Lauren L.

  • Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, CA



We were quarantined in Sacramento and were left to order delivery food. We came across thekarmicleaf and ordered their California bowl. The blended textures and flavor of the raw vegetables and the vegan chicken inside a baked potato was outstanding. Didn't know what to expect but it was good. Vegan is good!

Cathy B.

  • Merced, CA



This was the first time I'd ever had vegan food and I was not disappointed. Using a sweet potato as the bowl, filled with a vegan chili mix, it was really good. More please.

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